Building Chatbot

Currently trying to build a chatbot using Chatgpt API, but its not open source. As a student I can not afford it.

Is there any other LLM’s API, which is open source for developers?
Or any such open source models that can be use to create a chatbot?

Hi @Manish_Kamble

There are many open source models which you may be interested in.
Are you familiar with this page?

There are many list similar to this one which contains many opensource models: GitHub - eugeneyan/open-llms: 📋 A list of open LLMs available for commercial use.

Hi @Lukasz_Bieganski
Thanks for the reply.

Yeah I am trying to integrate text generation models from Hugging Face; but they are too large and I couldn’t able to run them due to insufficient RAM.

Try to get one with a low quantization value. You can even find ones that can be executed on mobile devices.
Keep learning!