CVS file download

could some body please let me know what should I do in order to get the cvs file of the LangChain evaluation notebook, thanks

Look first for threads with the :white_check_mark: solution mark

In my opinion, relying on a 3^{rd} party github site that seems to contain a snapshot of the course material (in possible violation of the terms of use agreement) is neither a general nor durable solution. I can’t endorse it.

On the other hand, using the forum search will reveal

  1. this question has been asked and answered previously and a solution accepted by the OP

  2. the accepted solution is general, in that it works exactly the same way across all the programming exercises for all courses and Specializations

  3. the accepted solution is durable, in that current supporting files will always be found through this method.

  4. the accepted solution is more secure, in that you are not downloading and reading files from an unregulated source.

Hope it helps

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You’re right. I didn’t find the files when I initially looked so I checked with google and found it in someones git repo. I’m going to delete my response so people don’t download the files.

It would be helpful if the courses had a resources tab on the left so people can more easily find all resources in one place (for those new to Jupyter notebooks).


@Community-Team check out this suggestion for improved user experience from @vinodralh


The course platform doesn’t offer a direct link to the additional resources, what would be very good.

For now, I solved the problem this way:

in the jupyter notebook, go to [File] [open]

Then, download the desired file.