Notebook not possible to download

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I’m currently learning LangChain for LLM Application Development course but there is not possible to download any notebook that already has mentioned. I have tried to download L1-Model_prompt_parser taht is not downloaded. I have tried using several ways but not work in this case.

Please give me solutions how to download entire notebook from this course.

Hi @Md_Anas_Mondol

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You can download the files for each individual module of the course by:

  1. Clicking on the jupyter logo

  2. Clicking in one of the available files

  3. Click on file and download

This guide is from other course. Just take it as a reference.

Remember, you have to do the same process on each module.

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Dear elirod,

Thaks for your support but I know this steps are efficient to download any notebook but here it’s not work. I do not know hwy this Jupyter Notebook showing this types of activities.

Has other way for this course to download this notbook?

That’s strange. It’s work for me and other learners.

Unfortunately, i don’t know another way to do that. So sorry.

+1. while downloading the notebook, it opens a new “BLANK” browser window, that is it.

elirod changjiang_jia Absolutely right. I’m facing this issues that I mentioned earlier.

Hi guys.

I found a workaround that might be work.

Shutdown the kernel before to try to download:

It works for me

@elirod works as suggested. Thanks,

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You welcome, @changjiang_jia

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elirod Sometimes it works again sometimes not work.

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you mean, shunting down the kernel? If so, you have to do that in all the modules one by one every time you want to download the notebook

I had the same issue as you and @elirod 's response also did not work for me. What did work for me, however was @elirod 's response slightly modified:

  1. Clicking on the jupyter logo

  2. Tick the boxes of one of the available files

  3. Click on duplicate

  4. A new duplicate file should come. Again, tick the box of desired file.

  5. Click on Download.

Hope this helps!

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Hi @ivar

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Nice work on this. Thanks!