I'm unable to download the notebooks of L1 and L3

The state of the kernel is “Forbidden” and downloading the notebooks of lessons L1 and L3 cannot be downloaded in any format. Anyone with the same problem?

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Did you try by clicking
Lab Files/files ===Download all files??

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Dear @JoseLeiva,

Welcome to the community.

This problem happens some time. Please try again with following menu options.
File → Download as → Notebook (.ipynb)

Let me know if you still face issues.

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Where is that option?

Hello @JoseLeiva

Can you confirm the forbidden state for Notebook L1 and L3 is even after you have purchased the short course? or you tried accessing the courses again after completing the course?


I have the same problem on serveal labs in several courses. I want only the PDF file, and I can not get them. I reported to tech support several times and they basically told me to go pound sand. Really stinks.

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