Data inconsistency between Week 3

In the notebook “C1_W3_L1_Air_Quality_Design_Phase”, at the end, we generate a new dataset:
“# data_with_imputed.to_csv(‘full_data_with_imputed_values.csv’)”.
However, in the notebook “C1_W3_L2_Design_and_Implement_Phase” we load the previously generated dataset, but then the problems begin. If you try to load the dataset, which in the class is informed that we loaded the dataset, we have several inconsistencies. Has anyone managed to resolve these inconsistencies, or am I using the dateset wrongly?
Thank you and long live everyone.

Can you share a screenshot of the inconsistency you are encountering?

Make sure to share image related to your result with the expected output. Also please do not post any codes related to graded cell. It is against community guidelines to post any codes which grades your assignment.


Hi Deepti_Prasad. At the end of Lab2 in week 3, we generated a file: “‘full_data_with_imputed_values.csv”, the first 5 lines follow:

And in class we are instructed to load and display the file generated in the previous notebook, in class the teacher (an excellent professor), he advises us to use the database provided, which would be this last dataset, but they don’t match, follow the image:

Another important information. I had to run this App locally, the libraries are updated, the changes for the previous notebooks to work were made, that is, the application up until this point is working correctly, however when entering the last notebook, I am encountering this difficulty that does not I can solve it.