Data Risk using OpenAI API

Hello Everyone,

I would like to know how risky it is to have my custom data and create a chat system out of it. I want to know if it is secure or will OpenAI know what are the contents of the data, if I feed my data into the chatgpt API.

I dont think we dont know for sure the answer to that question!

The question I have is if I pass the data into say the notebook presented by Andrew. Can I assume it is safe and only the models that I have created with specific prompts will have access to it?

I meant we dont know…

Hi @shigaraki_G

This is a good question and it is kind a hard to answer since we don’t have access to their (OpenAI) platform.

However, provide sensitive data to any model machine it is kind a risky.

If you want to prototype your project, it is more safe to do it on your own envirioment.

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