Safeguarding Data with OPEN AI: Seeking Tips and Tools

Hello everyone, I recently completed the course LangChain Chat With Your Dataand a few others in the spectrum and am excited to build a couple of apps. However, data security is a priority for me and I’m interested in hearing your experiences. How do you ensure data security while working with OPEN AI API? What measures do you typically take to safeguard confidential information while building applications? I’d appreciate any recommendations you have for open-source platforms/tools that can ensure data security while building GPT-powered applications.
Looking forward to your insights.

Its not an easy thing to secure your data from open AI, in their fine print they might tell you your data is fine but many social networks tell you that, but we have seen the opposite.

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Yeah, a cautious approach is wiser with any platform. I just thought maybe some people had found a way, I guess I’ll have to figure out a way to train a model internally and then use it for what I want.

Note that you may need a huge amount of training data, and a very large GPU array.

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Yup, I know,

That’s why I’m searching for alternative tools/methods to safeguard my data when interacting with the model using the API but so far my search has yet to yield promising results.
Not sure what people are doing in this regard.
If you have any insights or suggestions, I’d greatly appreciate your input.