Data Science books

Can you recommend some books about Data Science that you like the most?

Would be best to see this by different levels and sub-topics, e.g. statistics, models, DS theory, general

Hi David/Pauls,

This thread may be relevant: What good resources/books to learn A.I. and deep learning? - Events / Office hours / #BeADeepLearner - A Live AMA Event - DeepLearning.AI



One that I have really enjoyed is “Deep Learning: A Visual Approach” by Andrew Glassner.

It covers more than just Deep Learning itself, but goes pretty deep into that topic too. And the explanations for the math are the best I’ve seen.

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Hi @David2 !

I would like to share a read list recently found on LinkedIn. I hope it helps anyone who’s looking for data science books!

Original LinkedIn Post Link: Aman Chadha on LinkedIn: #artificialintelligence #machinelearning #ai | 27 comments

Read List: Aman's AI Journal • Read List

Enjoy! :partying_face: