Dive Into Deep Learning - Book

Hi there.

I would like to share with you this excellent book developed by the Data Science community. This book is widely used in Universities and research centers.

Because it is an online book, it receives frequent updates.

I hope this book will help you in your studies

:open_book: About the Book:

  • Clear and accessible language, perfect for beginners and Deep Learning enthusiasts.
  • Explore fundamental concepts with code examples in popular frameworks like TensorFlow, PyTorch, NumPy, and MXNet.
  • Dive into the mathematical foundations behind Deep Learning algorithms for a deeper understanding.
  • Engage in interactive discussions that foster a collaborative learning experience.
  • Trusted and adopted at over 400 universities across 60 countries, including renowned institutions like Stanford, MIT, Harvard, and Cambridge.

:books: Link to the Book: [Dive into Deep Learning ā€” Dive into Deep Learning 0.17.1 documentation]


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Interesting. I did not know that before.

May I ask how you personally got in touch with the book, @elirod:

Did you read in as a whole or are you rather using it rather as reference work?

Would be interested if the book helped you specifically for a specific use case to solve a problem or so? If so - how?

Best regards

Hi @Christian_Simonis

Iā€™m currently using it as a reference work because Iā€™m about to finish my Final Pepper and this book has a lot of content on natural language processing and sentiment analysis, which is the main goal of my final papper project to the MBA in Data Science and Analytics at University of SĆ£o Paulo.

But I definitely recommend it as an additional resource for the Deep Learning study path because it is an interactive book and has received many updates over the years.

It is also possible to read it in full and using it as an interactive course due to its features.

So, it will depends of your main goal, but i think that its fits well in a various scenarios.

Best regards