Dead kernel problem with U-net assignment

I have done all the code for the Image_segmentation_Unet_v2 assignment, but when I get into the cell 4-Train the model the kernel dies after a few seconds and only get a message telling that is dead and needs to re-start. I hace re-started the kernel several times and get the same error.

I include an image of the error. My code is complete but I am unable to run the last cells. I have already submitted the notebook, hoping that it will be graded well. All the previous test passed.

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This is becoming a relatively common issue. Coursera has fixed it once already a couple of weeks ago, but course staff has been alerted that it’s happening again.

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Hello @Nick8!

Try running it at a different time. This user tried for a different time and succeed. Or perhaps try rebooting by clicking on the “Help” on the top right and when the panel opens, click on “Reboot”.

Meanwhile, you can submit your assignment as grader doesn’t need the output of your code.


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if i submit the grader give 0/100 while i have run it before and all test was passed

What is the grader’s feedback? Please share that with us.

Same problem here,

Grader worked, but I was not able to see my model working in the online notebook.
Tried several times.

This issue seems to happen in random waves.

It’s one of two things.

  • Maybe you got unlucky and the servers were particularly busy when you were submitting your work.

  • Or this is the begging of a rash of incidents.

Only time will tell if we get additional reports from other students.