Deep Learning areas relevant to Wireless domain

Hello Instructors, Team, Mentors,
Thank you for the guidance in clarifying doubts for course “Neural Networks and Deep Learning “.
NL,ML,AI is not my domain, and I am involved in Wireless Validation.


  1. Is there any Deep Learning domain (NL, ML, AI etc…) that would be more relevant to Wireless domain ( cellular, 5G, Bluetooth, Audio, WiFi).

  2. Please share any Deep-Learning courses , books related to wireless that I could consider next, after completing this course.

Thanks again.

What aspects of wireless service do you feel could be involved with or benefit from AI?

DeepLearning.AI courses are for general purposes and then it is a domain expert’s job to merge this general knowledge with your domain. Maybe you search for some research papers that utilize ML/DL for wireless.

Most wireless environment aspects, and wireless-user aspects are real-time based, random, independent of previous history.
Will take further courses and see which sub-components could make use of DLL aspects.

Thanks a lot Saif.

Be advised: Real-time random systems are very difficult to model, especially if you want to make predictions on future behavior.