Course Advise - Post PhD

Hi All,

I’ve used ML and computer vision on and off for around 10 years. I just took the developer professional certificate to formalise and update some of the stuff i’ve been using.

For me it lacked a bit of depth. I’d like to see more on the design of deep networks and perhaps some applications taking measurements and metrics from video and images beyond the classification. In particular something about making broad classifications of areas in a large dataset which are different in some way - then outlining potential areas of interest and making classifications to highlight similar unknown features.

Audio processing is a huge interest for me and I’m also looking for courses for bioacoustics in particular feature engineering for non-human communication - very intrested to hear if anyone has any suggestions.

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Hi, @joshctaylor !

The difficulty of the specializations is shown in each of them, so maybe you can try some of the advanced ones. Apart from that, I have always found very useful to search for the original papers in google scholar to really get the graps of the reasons behind every network design choices.

For instance, take the EfficientNet paper and read the method used to optimize the layer size, number of layers, etc.

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Thanks for the paper suggestion - these fields don’t seem that converged yet, I was wondering if there are any methods approaching standard yet