Deep learning specialization question

If I will audit all courses at deep learning specialization where I can get that practical python notebook written by Dr Ng.generaly how is the code example included at courses of specialization.can I have full Fininshial Eid at all courses at specialization?? Or 90%
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None of the code from the practice labs is available if you are auditing the course.

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Thank you so much okay if I will purchase for course where I can find labs on Coursera platform after subscription??

Hi @Ahmed112 ,

Your paid subscription would allow you full access to all the course materials including all the graded assignments and quizzes. If you enrol under the audit option, the graded assignments and quizzes are locked, but you will have access to the video lectures for a limited period of 7 days.


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Quick question:

Is there a membership/subscription that I can pay that will allow me access to unlimited specializations (incl the courses for each spec) within a year?

I believe Coursera has a monthly subscription plan.

But do not get their “Coursera Plus” plan, because DLAI’s courses are not included.

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Hello @Kic
I have been searched about Audit specialization courses and I didn’t found that there is limited duration to audit courses are you sure from that??

Hi @Ahmed112 ,

Most of courses offer 7 days full access. When the trail period has ended, you will have no access to graded assignments and quizzes.
Here is the NLP specialization

You mean start free trial yes?

Hi @Ahmed112 ,

Yes, the free trial will give you full access for 7 days only.

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“Free trial” and “Audit a course” are different topics.

All Specializations offer a free trial - that’s free access to only the first week of a specialization.

“Audit” covers a full course, but without any of the graded assignments. Audit is only available for specific courses - not all courses or specializations offer an audit option.

See the enrollment options here: