Deep Neural Network - Application - Week 4

You have described a test for cats. When I run it, it works with the application that you described with the two layer model. However, it continues to run with an entirely different model, which it runs several times. There was no description for it, and no expected results. Since I have spent a lot of time on this, trying to discover the problem, can you please tell me what is going on? It says 2 tests passed and 2 failed, but where are these other peices coming from?

Would also like to know if part 4 of the exercise is the only graded part of the programming assignment.

There are two graded sections in that assignment: the two layer model and the fully general L layer model. It is all described in the notebook.

You can find the test routines to see what they are actually are checking by clicking “File → Open” and finding the file.

One thing to note here is that it is a mistake to manually copy over the functions you wrote in the previous Step by Step assignment. They provide their own functions as another import and some of them are slightly different than what we built earlier. If the test fails for your two layer implementation, also note that it is a mistake to call the “deep” version of the init routine in the two layer case.

Why will the Week 3 labs not load properly? I want to see some of the implementation.

It loads fine for me. What is the error indication that you are getting? Just saying “I have a problem” is not useful. :nerd_face: Please describe the symptoms.

I even rebooted and used Chrome instead of MS Edge. I had NO problems when I was doing the assignment. The week 4 assignment does not have a problem. Recommendations?

Chuck Walsh

Besides problem below, I am doing Week 4 last exercise and it does not look like the units are executing. It just goes from one cell to the next with no output. I have rebooted my laptop and closed all windows and signed in again and no execution.

Chuck Walsh

Everything is executing in a VM on AWS, not on your local machine. My guess is that this is a problem on AWS. You just got unlucky and the particular VM you are assigned to has failed due to some kind of resource issue. If closing the browser tab and then reopening the notebook doesn’t help, then perhaps the problem is wider than just a single VM. Maybe give it a few hours and then try again. Let us know if the problem persists and maybe we’ll need to raise a flag with Coursera.

Well, on \epsilon further thought, maybe that type of error could actually be caused by a problem in your browser. If you’ve run the assignment and especially if you have added print statements in one of the loops that adds a lot of output, it’s possible that the browser is not able to allocate enough virtual memory to render the notebook. Try using a different computer to access the assignment. Or maybe even a tablet …