Technical problem with Deep Learning week 4 second assignment

I am working on the second assignment. All my tests have passed up to section 4.1. When I click on the >| button it appears that the training does not run. The square brackets merely changes from “” to “[*].” It states that it may take up to five minutes, but I have tries several times and waited for long stretches, but nothing updates. I have also tried selecting Kernel → Restart and Run All, but to no avail. I contacted Coursera technical support, but they said there is nothing wrong with the project, and that I should consult the forum. Has anyone else experienced this, or know of a fix?

Did you try clearing your browsing and cache history? And then re-try?

Also check if your network connectivity is fine!!!

Hello Deepti,

Thank you for the quick response. Yes, I did those things. I also tried switching from Chrome to Edge, and relaunching the assignment.

I’ve uploaded a screenshot. Do you see how it states “All tests passed” in the previous cell? Then starting in 4.1 - Train the model, whenever I click on In [ ] nothing happens. I simply get an asterisk, even for the sections for which I am not providing code.

Best, James

Well, notice that it successfully ran the short training in the previous cell.

When I click “Shift-Enter” on the big training cell, it almost immediately shows:

Cost after iteration 0: 0.693049735659989

and then more prints as the training runs. How many times have you tried this and does it hang the same way every time?

It looks like your code is correct, so you can also go on to the L layer code and then see if you have a similar problem when you get to that section.

Can I know when * shows did you wait for 5 minutes or little more until the cell runs through the training cycle? It might be probably taking more time, as paul states your two layer model codes are correct.( share your assignment with any of the mentor for review via DM)

You could also try as a last resort,
Save a copy of this assignment you have done in your computer, then delete the assignment in the Coursera environment, get a fresh copy by help===rebooting, again help==get the lat est version===update lab, you get a fresh copy of assignment. Now refer the saved copy to re-do the assignment, but make you have cleared your browsing and cache history.

Hello Deepti,

Thank you for your thoughtful consideration and suggestions to the problem that I was experiencing. I have added my responses to your questions and comments.

How many times have you tried this and does it hang the same way every time?

More than I could count. I refreshed the page, change browsers, reloaded checkpoints, cleared cookies, restarted the kernel–I tried every trick in the book.

Can I know when * shows

It showed as soon as I pressed the Enter button. It also appeared immediately whenever I clicked on the cells below–those that required no coding, and those for which I added my own code. There was no other response (pass or fail for example) other than the immediate asterisk. Also, I did wait for five minutes or more.

Eventually, I solved the problem by switching to a new computer. I submitted the assignment and passed the course.

I did not try the “last resort” suggestion, but it sounds like it would have worked. If this happens to me again, I may try this in the future. Also, perhaps others who might experience this issue will benefit from your suggestions.

Thank you very much for your assistance.

Best, James

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