Course 1 Week 4 last assignment

Hello ,

I have finished the last assignment but when I run the cells it takes a lot of time and I cannot submit !!! Thanks

Hello, Doru Bogdan.

Please ensure that the net connectivity is properly resumed. Secondly, the last assignment is time consuming as it seeks cost iterations. May be you have some unfinished business done in one of the cells. Please check it once again and try redoing it.

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Also note that you don’t need the computed results in the notebook in order to submit. Just do “Kernel → Restart and Clear Output”, “Save” and then submit to the grader. That will tell you if your code is correct or not even without completing the training. Coursera seems to be having problems with heavy traffic on the notebook servers lately.

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It worked without running the cells ! Thank you !!

Thank you for the info !

Glad to know that, Doru Bogdan!

Keep learning in high spirits.