Description Mistake in Week 2 Practice Lab 3 Feature Scaling and Learning Rate

Hi, I think there is a mistake a few times in the description cells in this practice lab. It says w0 is deceasing with iterations (“you can see that 𝑤0 is still oscillating around the minimum, but it is decreasing each iteration rather than increasing” and “you can see that 𝑤0 is decreasing without crossing the minimum” when it is the cost function that is decreasing and w0 is oscillating or increasing (converging to the optimum value).

Can you post a screen capture image that shows what you are discussing?

I was not able to find the text you quote within the practice lab.

Here are 2 screenshots of the sections

Thanks for reporting this, I’ll submit a support ticket to the course staff.

In your first image, the text should be: “you can see that w0 is oscillating round the minimum, but the cost is still decreasing…”.

In the second image, the text should be “… w0 is increasing but the cost never reaches the minimum”.