Optional Lab: Feature scaling and learning rate - Week 2

Hi everyone, In the screenshot, you can see that it says, “Cost is decreasing throughout the run showing that 𝛼 is not too large” which is true according to the graph. However, in the screenshot, it can be seen that the value increases after the 3rd iteration. Any idea what’s going on here?

Hello @bikash_grg,

The costs kept decreasing and can be seen from the curve on the L.H.S.:

At iteration 3 the cost was 1.13157e+04 which is the scientific representation for 11315.7 or 1.13157 \times 10^4,

At iteration 4, the cost was 7.53002e+03 or 7530.02 or 7.53002 \times 10^3.

So, the cost at iteration 4 was lower than that at the 3rd iteration.


Got it, my bad as I was not focused well. And thanks a lot for the help, mate!

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No worries. We all have times like this. :wink:

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