Diet planner using AI

Hi! I wanted to make a diet planner using ML, that inputs a person’s age, gender and weight. After some research I found out multiple ways to do this (eg. K-means, linear optimization etc)
One AI user online suggested me to go with HuggingFace transformers.
I just wanted your guys’ opinions on what approach I should use, considering that I have around 4-5 days to complete this.
Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

First you have to decide 1) What exactly you’re trying to do (i.e. what does “diet planner” mean in detail?), and 2) Do you have a data set that supports creating and training an AI model?

4-5 days is a very optimistic schedule.

Thanks for your reply!

  1. The idea is to make a diet that would fit the preferred calorie intake for the input data. (example: a 30 year old, 50 kg, Male should have 2100 calories a day) and so the output data should be in a tabular form with the food names with it (example: cereal + milk for breakfast, chicken rice for lunch etc.) For reference, I read this and the result section is kind of what I want, but in a well organized and tabular form. We’ll just be working on the model, and not the UI. If time permits we’ll try to fit that in as well.

  2. I also have the data set we’re probably going to use. It has everything we need and is also well organized. The “Code” section also has a good implementation but I’m not trying to copy anyone.

And I agree, 4 days less but it’s a hackathon and I am a freshman, so they don’t really require code and just want the idea. My team is very new, and I’ve also only watched the first ML course by Ng. It might sound wrong but that’s how it works here.

Good luck.

what approach would you recommend?

Sorry, I don’t understand your goals and your capability well enough to give any guidance.

I’d rather say nothing rather than give bad advice. You don’t have enough time for any false-starts.

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Hi @Imperixxl

The diet plan platform which you want using ML is a very good project. Obviously you have done some research on this and you have even shared links. But I suggest that you should take some help of experts who are into the field of development using AI or ML.

I would suggest connecting with skilled AI consulting company as I had some sort of similar project which you are looking for and I consulted them and I got the appropriate guidance.

Hi Imperixxl,

Hope you could complete your hackathon successfully. Me and My daughter (she is a Nutritionist and a Dietician) are trying to build something similar. Would you mind sharing your views and work with us ?