Different results even though all tests passed

I am confused how my cost result different from expected output and gives me All tests passed !?

Which lab are you running (what is the name of the notebook file?)

Because when I look at the “C1_W3_Logistic_Regression” practice lab, I don’t see the text you quoted.

I see “Cost at test w,b”, but yours says “Cost at test w and b”.

So there’s something different about your lab than the one I’m looking at.

Can you post an image that gives a larger context? Please include the entire cell that is above the test result.

Note: I might be looking at an older version of the notebook file. I’ll check on that.

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I think this is the test you’re running.

Note that the Expected Output value (0.218) is for the test conditions in the cell, with X_train and y_train defined earlier in the notebook, and those specific w and b values.

Those are different conditions than the tests that compute_cost_test() runs.

This suggests that your code works correctly for the tests in compute_cost_test(). but it doesn’t work correctly for the values given in the notebook.

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yeah I passed that test very well but was confused about that maybe the equation had issues, Thank you so much