Dinosaurus_Island Jupyter shell blocked


When I try to open the Jupyter shell, I get an error message where it says that is not responding.

It seems to be blocked

I can’t even access the menu.

Is there anyone that can help me? What can I do?


I just opened that assignment successfully. My guess is that this is some kind of “bad weather” on the network somewhere between you and the Coursera servers on AWS. You might just wait a while and try again. Since this is not the first assignment in DLS C5, I assume you were able to access the earlier assignments without hitting this error. If you’ve never been able to access any of the assignments, then that is a different situation.

I can open all assignments but not this one.
Initially, everything worked fine for me too. I practically finished my work but then, in the end, after pressing shift-enter to calculate in one cell and calculating for several minutes, got blocked until today.
This happened 2 days ago and still does not work. I don’t think waiting is the solution.
Is there any possibility to restart the job? I know I will lose everything but at least I will be able to complete it.

It sounds like perhaps the notebook file is either too large (as a result of running too long) or the file is in some other way damaged. On that assignment, it is the only one in the given Docker image, so I don’t know of a way for you to get to the files so that you can rename them and get a fresh copy. Do you see the “Help” menu in the upper right corner while it is trying to open the notebook? If so, you could try “Help → Lab Help → Get Latest Version”, but I’m not sure that will change anything.

If that fails, then we’ll have to see if someone on the Course Staff can reset that assignment for you. I’m not sure, but I think they have a way to do that.

I have solved finally the issue.
The problem was that the file was too big.
In the code that I got there were those code lines:

They were printing data increasing the file size until the system could not continue working and got blocked.

The file was 82MB big.

I solved the issue this way:
click on File–>Open

Download the file

Once the file was on my computer I removed the printed data, saved the file, and uploaded it again.
Once the file had the correct size I could work again on it.
Thanks for your help.