Discrepancy in the lecture video: Covariance of a Probability Distribution

Hey team,
There are a few discrepancies in the aforementioned lecture video:

  1. At 8:15, it should be x_i instead of E[X_4]. Additionally, the variable in the sub-script should be i instead of n, since we have used P(x_i) towards the end of the equation.
  2. At 9:42, the opening bracket for -1 is missing.
  3. At 11:15, the equation Cov(X, Y) = 18.014 - (4.903)(5.280) is repeated.

P.S. - Please unlist this thread once the issues have been created.


Thanks. Please let us know if there are any other errors.

Hey @Jigisha_Aryya,
Thanks for taking a note of these. Let me know once you have created the issue, so that I can unlist this thread.