DL1 Course Week 3 Planar Data Classification coding exercise

Hi I have worked my way through the course up to the third week but at the end of the coding exercise of thrid week Planar Data Classification with one hidden layer I have stuck I completed all of the exercise cells but one of the last cells gives me troubleshot and its not a coding cells at all I will put the screen shots below. Because of this I can not submit my assingment. Also the troubleshoot that the cell gives me is the one function that I done at the before cells but at that cells it gave me no troubleshoot and all tests are passed. can anyone help me about this what am I doing wrong
{moderator edit - solution code removed}

Hello, Ozgur.

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Kindly check the equations while calling the backprop. You must be missing something very important that is generating wrong shapes.

You can see the bug in the exception trace that you provided. In your nn_model function, when you call compute_cost, you are referencing the global variable t_Y. It is always a mistake here to reference global variables within your functions and ignore the actual parameters being passed in.