DLS Course 1 - DEEP NN Assembler in MATLAB

With the idea to replicate all that is being done in Python (Jupyter Notebook), making sure that I learn the proper way, instead of copying and pasting the answers from the internet; I have decided to make a small deep NN assembler based on the image classification exercise (cats/noncats) in MATLAB

There are a few bits that still need some work such as implementing the derivative for the ReLu and Leaky ReLu.

But, it seems is working.

Please find it here if you want to explore more:

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Great work… Seems it is in matlab. Could you point us to the main script (which calls all the functions)

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Hi, vsnupoudel,

Yes, in MATLAB, mostly because I wanted to do the whole code from zero to make sure that I understood all the processes instead of Python, which is given most of it—also making an excellent interface to make the whole assembly more transparent process.