DLS Course 4 Week2

Course 4 Week 2 Deep learning Specialization.
Im having a trouble getting through the convolution block(2nd question) althogh it seems so easy and well guided in the assignment I have been trying to figure out what is wrong for a long while now.
2nd Component F2, kernel f, stride 1,1 “same”
3nd Component F3, kernel 1, stride 1,1 “valid”
shortcut Component F3, kernel 1, stride s,s “valid” using X_shortcut as inputs instead of X
the initializer i have not touched as it is given in default.
For batch normalizer i’m using the same as given in the assignment(X_shortcut for the shortcut line, X for the rest) with training = training.

Which assignment in Week 2 are you working on? (A1 is resnet, A2 is mobilnet/alpaca)

I was asking about resnet. Its fine now(just passed the assignment few seconds back) I started a new assignment following the renaming it to v2. It worked after that. Idk what went wrong there, i restarted the kernel too sometimes but its didnt work. Starting a new assignment and doing it from scratch worked

Be aware that you cannot grade a notebook that has been re-named.