DLS Course 5 Week 3 Lab 2 Grading Failure Error

I am constantly getting grading failure error for the Week 3 Lab 2 programming assignment. I tried submitting my assignment multiple times but same error is popping out everytime.
Please help me in this regard.

Thank You.

If you don’t fix the problem, you’re going to keep getting the same error.

It would be helpful if you stated what the error is.
Please provide as much information as possible.

Hi Tom,

I have completed the whole assignment. I didn’t get any error while executing the code in Jupyter notebook.
The error is popping up while the assignment is been graded. It us displaying a message that ‘grading failed’.

I am attaching the screenshot for the same for your reference.

I am still getting the same error. I tried looking any error in the code, but didn’t find any. I have completed all the graded assignment.

Can you help me in fixing this issue ?


Did you try restarting the kernel and running all of the cells again?

I have no idea what could be in your code that would cause Coursera to have some “technical difficulties”.