Course 5, week 3, assignment 2, trigger word detection


I have passed all the tests successfully, yet it gives me 0/100. What is the issue?
I cannot now complete the course as this is the only error I’m getting in the course, other than that all other quizzes and assignments are done.
Thanks for your help.


What error messages do you get from the Grader?
Please post a screen capture image.

Thanks for your reply. Attached please find the screenshot.

I have to mention that my cell #31 is also attached. It’s not even written by me. Also I’m seeing many students are getting errors (in the forum discussions) that they are getting 0 grade as well.

Those “cell numbers” are meaningless. Try running that cell again and it will change. Try it!

In order to get consistent values for that, you have to restart. Try doing this sequence:

Kernel -> Restart and Clear Output
Cell -> Run All

Then scan the notebook and see which cell is numbered “31”. That might give you a little more hope of mapping that to the same value as when the grader runs it. But if the grader adds any other cells, then all bets are off. And no-one really knows how the grader works.

Thanks for your reply. That is the same cell but seemingly I had to restart the whole thing and erase the outputs and it worked. Thanks!

Hmmm, more likely what this means is that you did a “Save” as part of that process. The grader does not do an automatic “Save” in Courses 4 and 5, so what you are running in the notebook may not be what the grader is seeing. You have to manually Save before you hit “Submit”.

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