DLS Course2 week2 Optimization method Assignment

Dear all,

I encountered 2 problems in the C2 W2 Assignment:

  1. Exercise 6: I received the error as in below. W1 and b1 are incorrect, yet W2 and b2 are correct. Can’t figure out what’s wrong. I also attached my code here for reference.

[Code removed from Moderator]

  1. 6-Model with different optimization tests - mode function: I made no change in the code and the code provided shows error in running.

Here shows the error in below:

I would very much appreciate it if anyone or TA could help with the problems. Many thanks!


Hey @Jingyao_Feng,
Can you please DM your notebook as an attachment to me?

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Thanks @Elemento,

I just DMed you my notebook. Also thanks for moving my post to the right section btw :slight_smile:

Hey @Jingyao_Feng,
The assertion error is pretty reasonable in your case. The issue indeed lies in the below lines of code:

v_corrected[‘dW’+str(l)] = v[‘dW’ + str(l)] / (1- np.power(beta1, l))
v_corrected[‘db’+str(l)] = v[‘db’ + str(l)] / (1- np.power(beta1, l))

If you carefully look at the mathematical expressions of these, you will find that you are supposed to use t and not l. l denotes the layer while t denotes the number of taken steps. Let me know if this helps.