[Course 2, Week 2, Exercise 6] AssertionError: Wrong values. Check you formulas for v_corrected['dW1']

Hello, I am stuck at exercise 6.
The tester notified that “AssertionError: Wrong values. Check you formulas for v_corrected[‘dW1’]”.

This is my implementation to calculate v_corrected:
v_corrected[f’dW{l}’] = v[f’dW{l}’] / (1-pow(beta1, l))

It’s quietly simple, so I couldn’t find any issue even spending a lot of time.
Any idea of this?

Thanks for reading

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The exponent that you use with {\beta}_1 is not l, but t, right?


You are right.
I fixed the error by replacing l by t.
Thanks a lot.