DLS - suggested course sequence

After DLS 1 can one go to the CNN course? Or it is best to follow the suggested sequence?


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I followed the sequence since I believed that didactically this really works well. And this was definitely the case!

Hands down…, my personal experience is also after talking to some other learners and mentors: if you already have experience that justifies to change the order this can also be fine. In retrospect, I would say that each course can be attended individually if you have some relevant knowledge as a prerequisite.

I hope it helps!

Have fun with the course
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You can do C1, C2 and then do C4. There’s nothing in C3 that is a prerequisite to CNNs. It also depends on whether you have prior experience using TensorFlow. That is a big deal in C4 and it is introduced in Week 3 of C2. But if you already have significant experience in TensorFlow, you can try C4 after C1 and see how it goes. But there are a number of important ideas and techniques covered in C2 (e.g. handling over/underfitting, regularization, minibatch gradient descent, Adam optimization, how to systematically approach selecting and tuning hyperparameters, batch normalization …) that probably are good to know before you take C4, even if they are strictly speaking not “prerequisites” for understanding CNNs.

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