Do you need to know how Python work?

I have 15’th years old, and I don’t know how Python works, is this a problem? Or It doesn’t matter?

Hi @MarcosAprendiz ,

While studying the specializations you will use Python extensively. Not complex things, but still, a lot of Python.

The good news is: Learning Python is really easy! So I encourage you to take some Python classes in YouTube or other sources. This should not take you more than a couple of weeks or so to get started.

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In addition to @Juan_Olano‘s great feedback:
This thread could be worth a look:

many fellow learners recommended this Python specialization which I would suggest to check out!

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Does the Prompt Engineering course require any Python programming?

I suspect this question comes from that course, but was incorrectly entered in the General Discussion forum area.

Yes, @TMosh: Jupyter notebooks are part of the concept and python essentials need to be understood in my opinion to get the most out of the course, see also the statement on the homepage:

ChatGPT Prompt Engineering for Developers is beginner-friendly. Only a basic understanding of Python is needed.

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Thanks, I haven’t attended the course yet myself.

The course is very good and concise. Highly recommended.

Python is used throughout the course in every exercise in a very basic fashion. Now, the whole course is around the OpenAI API, so to really use what is learned it is important to master Python to be able to do useful things. Just a thought.

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