Does it matter if I do course 1/3 last for ML specialization?

Sorry if this question is already answered elsewhere, but I couldn’t find it.

I’ve skipped course 1 and I have finished course 2 and am working on course 3. I plan to do course 1 last.

Will there be a Machine Learning Specialization certificate when all three courses are finished? Does it matter the order of course completion or is it ok to do course 1 last?

Thank you!

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Hello @jlund,

This is the first time for this question. I checked the FAQ on the specialization’s page and it says:

So, there are two criteria: completing all 3 (not 4) courses and are subscribed to the specialization. In other words, the order does not matter.

I am also going to ask the course team to take a look and see if they have anything to add.



Hello @jlund

I don’t think order of course will have any affect on your certificate as long as you complete all the courses of specialisation.

I had also by mistake ended up doing course 3 instead of 2 in some other specialisation but didn’t have any affect on continuing to do the other courses.

But one of the drawback of not following the order would be inability to understand some of the concept explained in course 1, otherwise you will get specialisation certificate once you complete all 3 courses.


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