Does the course provide Hands on Experience?

I am on Week 3 of the Supervised Machine Learning: Regression and Classification course on Coursera.
So far, the videos are very educative and fun. I am also taking side notes and revising them regularly.

However, does the course provide practical coding knowledge?

(I need someone to show me how to use numpy, maybe give me some coding assignments)
The Optional labs are interactive, but the code is very difficult to understand for complete beginners.
Will the upcoming lectures provide coding experience or should I refer other sources as well?
Please excuse me if this post is redundant .

It does provide practical experience but not teaching python, thats not its primary goal, although in some cases it might give some introduction to certain ML libraries like Tensorflow!

As @gent.spah wrote, basic Python knowledge is required beforehand. There are many good resources to learn Python separately, like the Python course from UMichigan at Coursera. But please keep in mind, only basic commands are needed to do the labs, in my opinion.

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