Download all workspaces from an entire course

Hi there
I would like to download all the workspaces of the programming exercises and labs for the entire course/specialization because they will be of great help in the future. Is this possible somehow without downloading each workspace individually? This would be a great timesaver!

Appreciate any help!

Hi @Merlin_Hosner,

Unfortunately, I have never heard of any such way.

There is only one assignment per week but there can be many optional labs, so I say the latter would look more problematic. However, one fact is, in some (maybe or maybe not all but I have never checked) weeks, a workspace contains all optional labs of the same week, so that saves time.

So, the best would probaby be (3+4+3) weeks x (1+1) = 20 downloads if indeed one workspace for each week’s optional labs.


Hi Raymond
Thanks for your prompt answer! That is a shame, I would have thought that this is quite the routine thing to do - but I guess the hard way will have to do then :slight_smile:

The problem is that each assignment is packaged as its own Docker Image, so there’s no easy way to access more than one of them at a time.

@rmwkwok , You are correct. I just downloaded the workspaces. There were total of 20.