How to download all labs for this course

Hello, Is there a way to download all the labs for NLP Course 1, in a single step? When I go to a particular lab I can choose the “download” files to get the files for that lab. But there are around a dozen labs for this course including assignments, and I don’t want to repeat this process a dozen times.


Hi @shubi4

Check out this post. There are other ways, but this I think is the easiest.


thanks @arvyzukai , I tried that option earlier, but it’s for a specific lab only. In a single course there can up a dozen labs including assignments and practice. I was looking for a close to single-click solution to download them all. Is there a github repo that has all the course labs?

No problem @shubi4

No, at least not that I’m aware of. And there should be no legal github repo since I think it’s a copyright material.