Download lab material

is it possible to download material in the lab2 like
and flan-dialogue-summary-checkpoint directory ?

Hi @marabgol

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I’m not sure if this example is applicable for your case, but, i always download the course files by follow:

  1. Click on the jupyter logo

  2. Choose the file and after that you can download it

Keep in mind that this screenshots example are from another course. So, just take it as a reference.

I hope this help.

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Thanks so much elirod, I totally forgot i can download from jupyter lab menu :slight_smile: I was thinking to use asw s3 cpp command or scp …

thanks, this is enough :slight_smile:

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You’re welcome, my friend.

Don’t forget to mark the answer as a solution in order to help other students who may have the same question.

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Thanks, getting familiar with interface :slight_smile:

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