Downloading course's pretrained weights

I would like to emulate the Deep Learning and Art: Neural Style Transfer project from the final homework of week 4, by I’m having trouble finding the pretrained weights that the code references in the assignment: ‘pretrained-model/vgg19_weights_tf_dim_ordering_tf_kernels_notop.h5’. Will this project work just as well with ‘imagenet’ for weights or is there a way to find the weights for the trained model for the assignment.

PS. when I tried entering the address into the coursera notebook I got a ‘403 blocked’ error.

Edit: I ran the code using ‘imagenet’ and everything comes out looking like a bad monet (even when I’m using a picasso as the style image), so I think getting the courses pretrained network is probably going to be important. Still adjusting parameters though, so I’ll update if I find a workaround.

Have you seen this page ?