Week 1 Assignment: Neural Style Transfer

For the Neural Style Transfer assignment, I have successfully implemented the code and it is working fine. But, my results are not passed by the Grader. I run the code many times with different changes forexample, conv2D_87, conv2D_88, conv2D_89 as a content layer.
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Hey @Waqar_Hassan,

Thanks for your post. I just deleted the notebook you uploaded as it’s against our guidelines you can send your notebook via DM to one of the mentors to check it.



I am noticing you are posting questions related to a particular course and issues with all the assignments related to the course.

Did you try re-watching videos and ungraded labs again and look for the solution in the community where people might have stuck due to similar issue?

you have created post related to course 4 week 2, here week 1 and at one more place some other assignment.

Kindly try searching for similar post related to the week you are getting stuck by using the search bar on the right top corner next to your profile image.

If you still are unable to find any similar post. share the error screenshot or the training image where you are unable to get the expected output.

Refrain from posting any codes, assignment notebook. It can affect your membership in the Discouse as sharing codes and assignment is against code of conduct as mentioned by mentor Jamal.

In case you are still stuck after searching everywhere, then ask for help!!!

Remember one more the thing ungraded labs are only for reference and to copy the same codes in your assignments. Read every instructions carefully and hints given in the assignment book.

You can send the notebook via personal DM when a mentor asks you to send your code or your notebook.

if you are still stuck after following all the above steps, then send your notebook via personal DM to me. Click on my name and then message.


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I have received the file from her, and we are currently troubleshooting the issue together. If I require your assistance, I will inform you promptly.

Thanks Deepti :pray: