E-Commerce Chatbot for Faster Sales Funnel

Hello, I’m Ali. I’m passionate about building software and entrepreneurship. Gen-AI is amazing, every single day a new project idea comes up to me but right now I’m trying to build a chatbot for E-Commerce sites.

There’s this widely used E-commerce site in Turkey called “Trendyol”, and in product pages, there is a place for questions. Answers to these questions helps customers to navigate their purchasing process by eliminating questions and giving insights about the product, whether it’s detailed or basic question.

This chatbot will answer customer questions based on product data and already answered questions. In the end it should speed up the sales funnel process for these stores.

Technically speaking, i’ve looked up for open-source repositories, scraping, RAG solutions,vector db’s and basic chatbot projects.

Feel free to reach me about any ideas and maybe some tips and tricks!

Thanks! :wave:

Hello @Sannjo i am currently working on an AI chatbot like this.