Eligibility for computer vision engineer role

Hello Team,

I am Azure cloud engineer at Infosys and willing to switch in Artificial Intelligence field. I have completed machine learning and deep learning course from coursea - deeplearning.ai and have also done some projects based on machine learning , ANN, CNN. here is my github profile link → Piya88 (Priyanka Jambhale) · GitHub

I’m a skilled and interested in Computer Vision with a deep understanding of image processing, machine learning, and object detection SOTA models.
I’m currently seeking exciting job opportunities to apply my expertise in computer vision.

Can you please guide me if there is anything that i need to add on to my skillset? or how should i proceed orjob hunt?
I have attached my resume, please review once and let me know if anything i need to improve.

Priyanka_Jambhale_Resume.pdf (51.9 KB)