Seeking Internships in Computer Vision

Greetings to everyone in the community,

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My name is Jay Lodha and I’m from Nagpur, India. I have recently finished the Convolutional Neural Networks course (from the Deep Learning Specialization) and the following course has really inspired me to dive deeper into the Computer Vision domain with Conv Nets. All of the ideas presented in the course by Professor Andrew were immensely intriguing and hence, in order take my first step into the domain and gain practical insight, I’m actively seeking Internships in the same. The idea of applying Semantic Segmentation has particularly motivated me to work in this domain and I would really appreciate if someone from the community could help me out here.

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Hoping to hear back from the community!



My name is Akmal Mukhsimov, from Tashkent, Uzbekistan. Have finished the deep learning specialization a few months ago. Since the moment I have learned about conv nets, trying to make some practical steps towards improving my skills, implemented some papers on the subject of object detection, auto-encoders, style-transfer. Also trying to make some kind of custom researches. But I think there would be more motivation and results, if I work in team with a common goal. So looking for help, and if there is somebody who takes me also onboard :slight_smile:

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