Emoji_v3a_Exercise 5 - Emojify_V2

hi I am getting below error .

Thank you

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In the Input layer, maybe you have not specified the shape correctly.

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Note the input shape is literally given to you as an argument, but it looks like you hard-coded it to match the maximum length that they use in the notebook. You can see that the grader plays a trick on you and checks with a different size to make sure you didn’t hard-code it. :nerd_face:

now i am getting this type error

You can open the test_utils.py file, find line 23, and see what test is is running.

it is showing

Look at the lines that precede the “raise” command. That’s where the test is.

as per my understanding ,my input is not matching to required input

This is the test:

Hi ,
It seems , i wrote wrong code to define shapes and layers ,I could not able to
detect what i have to write ,getting same errors .