Emojify : Exercise 5

Cell #14. Can’t compile the student’s code. Error: KeyError(‘never’,)

I passed all tests in the Jupyter notebook, but when I submitted the assignment for grading, it always reminded me with a KeyError problem. Could you give me some advice?


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Try this first:

  • Restart the kernel
  • “Run All” of the cells in the notebook.

Then look at all of the results for each cell carefully to see if there are any errors (any text in red).


I re-ran the notebook for twice as the above instruction. The notebook ran successfully and there was no error/warning messages for all cells. However, when I submitted assignment, it scored 0/100 with the comment Cell #14. Can’t compile the student’s code. Error: KeyError(‘never’,)

Hi Tom,

I also noticed several other students posted the same problem on the Coursera discussion page. Could you give some advice on this problem?


The only other suggestion I have is to verify that you are using the newest version of the notebook. Look at the “Help” menu and see if a newer version is available.

Before you install a new version, be sure you save your current notebook first, so you can copy-over your code updates.