Enrollement issues with course 3

Hello !
Can instructor please help me with the following issue? Basically when I try to log in, it says there is no active session available. Is it some issue at my end or the enrolements are not allowed at this point of time.
waiting for your response.

Hi @rabbia_Hassan ,

This course is not live yet. According to the course page, it will be live on 19 April 2023. See attached.

thank you for the response, it means we will be able to enrol into it on the 19th of april ?

Hi @Kic ,

Just want to confirm the course still has not launched and will not be available until April 25th (as of now)?


Hi @Joey_M,

We have no information about release date. The community forums are in general concern with course content and assignment issues. Here is what I found from the internet:
Probability & Statistics for Machine Learning & Data Science | Coursera