Error after submitting assigment in Lab

In the lab of week 2, I completed the lab, but I encountered an error after submitting to the Machine Learning Specialization.

The error is: The comment line with index UNQ_C1 wasn’t found in the code

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Hi @Niloo_N

Welcome to the community.

The UNQ_C1 included on the top of the assignment code cell helps the grader to identifying your solution code.

Make sure not to modifying the code in order to grader found your solution.

A possible solution is to restart the kernel and clean all the outputs and try again.

Let me know the results

Dear Elirod , I did the above, and still encountered an error.



Hi @Niloo_N,

Please check this out for what format to follow to add the UNQ statements back.



Thank you for your help, @rmwkwok