Issue with submitting "Week 2 practice lab: Linear regression"

While i submit the Assignment. The message shows an error of
“Comment line with index: UNQ_C1 wasn’t found in code”
Does anyone know what should i do to correctly submit the assignment?

Hey @Vicshea,
Welcome to the community. The code block in the exercise 1 should begin as follows:

# UNQ_C1
# GRADED FUNCTION: compute_cost

def compute_cost(x, y, w, b): 

Please make sure you haven’t deleted the comments by mistake, and if you have, please copy these lines of comments to the exercise 1’s code block, as above. These comments are required by the auto-grader to grade your submission. For future references, you are not supposed to edit anything outside the ### START CODE HERE ### and ### END CODE HERE ### comments, as long as you haven’t submitted the assignment.

Once you have submitted the assignment, and received your grade, feel free to change whatever you want, wherever you want, however you want. I hope this helps.


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