Error in assignment c2 w1

Cell #UNQ_C2. Can’t compile the student’s code. Error: IndentationError(‘unexpected indent’, (‘/tmp/student_solution_cells/’, 37, 5, ’ for j in range(units): \n’))
I got this message when I submitted my work
error in exercise 1 and 2
and I got 0%

Check in that cell whether you are using the correct indentation.

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this is error in the first exercise

and this for the second one

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First, You make sure you run the cell of import libraries

Second, At the end of the line you declaration the Input size (line number 7) of neural network you make comma , and at the first of the next line (line number 8) you make another comma so you make 2 commas Consecutive . so you should delete one of 2 commas and every thing will be okay


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Regarding indentation you can refer the below post Indentation in Python (IndentationError: unexpected indent)

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very thankful for all your replays it really helped me