Error in assignment for logistic regression

So in the assignment for implementing the logistic regression , while writing the code for propagate function I encountered the following syntax error. Now I think there shouldnt be any error here. Can someone help me

(Solution code removed, as posting it publicly is against the honour code of this community)

PS: this is the code snippet from my notebook. takes 2 parameters. Fix the subexpression inside sigmoid. It’s hard to count brackets in your code. Please click my name and message the code for that method.

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Hi @Ashish_Srivastava ,

It is mostly likely there is a mismatch of parenthesis from the previous line of code. So check for that

Hi @Ashish_Srivastava,

As @balaji.ambresh & @Kic mentioned, you are missing a closing )for the sigmoid function where you are calculating A.


Thanks a lot. Finally got my code to work