Error in grading, I delete a cell but cannot back it!


It seems like you want to get the starter code. Please follow these instructions to refresh your workspace

It did not work
any other way?

Hi @Md_Ekram_Uddin
Try following these orders:

  1. check notebook metadata
  2. refresh the workspace

When you do the assignment, make sure you don’t delete the grading cell code. Grading tags such as ### START CODE HERE ### or ### END CODE HERE ### should not be missing.

Let us know if it works after checking those notes

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If the “refresh your workspace” procedure didn’t work, that most likely means you did not follow the procedure correctly. Did you move the existing notebook out of the way first? There’s a more detailed version of the procedure on this thread from DLS, but it works the same in all the courses.


I actually delete the grading cell! but can not back it!

What to do now?

Please use the link that I gave in my earlier reply to get a clean copy of the notebook. Then you’ll need to “copy/paste” your work over to the clean copy.

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Thank You all!
I got it!