Mistakenly deleted the cells

Hello, I have accidentally deleted few cells, how can I get the initial version of assignment back?

Please have a look at this https://community.deeplearning.ai/t/tf1-how-to-refresh-your-workspace-in-coursera-labs/

It didn’t work.

Please let me know if this works: https://community.deeplearning.ai/t/how-to-get-a-clean-copy-of-an-assignment-notebook/

Might not work either, that is from the DLS course.
I don’t think we have an FAQ for M4ML yet.


Many of the other learners of the same specialisation have had same issue and were unable to get a fresh copy. But the issue is now resolved.

  1. Click file, select open, then delete the assignment book where you have deleted some cells.

  2. You will find 404 not found image on your browser. Then close the browser.

  3. Open the assignment page again, when you open you would find 404 not found.

  4. At this time, click Help on the right hand top corner, where you will find Reboot. Click reboot. once that step completes.

  5. Click same help, then click Get latest version and then Update lab.

I just now tried and got a fresh copy, just to see if this would work, and it does work.

Sometime closing the browser helps you to get the fresh copy before you click Get Latest version and Update lab.

Hope it Helps!!!


I see…